Commercial Remodeling: Architectural Design
Cape Cod Bagel: Falmouth, MA

Green & Sustainable Mixed Use Architecture

Designed to be an inspiring example of green and sustainable architecture, this 9,000± sq. ft. mixed-use project consists of a 4,500 sq. ft., 80-seat restaurant on the first floor with both affordable and market rate apartments on the second floor. The basement is deigned to house food production facilities to support a catering division of the restaurant operations.

The proposed building design incorporates an energy efficient building enclosure system detailed to reduce air leakage, increase thermal performance, and control moisture and vapor movement.

Equipment and lighting that meet or exceed Energy Star criteria will be specified and evaluated with respect to the on-going operating costs of the building. One particular energy conservation strategy we are working on is designing a mechanical system which will capture the tremendous amount of heat energy that is generated by the commercial kitchen equipment and, instead of exhausting it to the outside, use it to provide heat and hot water to the second floor apartments.

Final building material selections, both interior and exterior, will be influenced by their durability, their embodied energy content, and life-cycle analyses.

The design also features an al fresco dining courtyard with a permeable patio design to allow for natural filtering of rainwater to recharge underground aquifers. A xeriscape landscaping plan accompanied by a rainwater collection system will reduce the irrigation requirements for the site. The harvested rainwater may also be used to supply water to low-flow toilets and urinals throughout the building further reducing the demand on the municipal water supply.


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