Church of the Messiah

Woods Hole, MA

As part of a long term master planning exercise, INTEGRÁTA has provided the Church of The Messiah with an exploratory evaluation of the major buildings on their property, the most prominent of which is this old stone church.

INTEGRÁTA measured and accurately documented these structures as part of a comprehensive report which addressed all the major building systems.

Completed in 1889, the building was constructed of solid granite blocks with a series of interior wooden timber arches crafted in a hammer beam bent style with mortise and tenon joinery.  It is a completely uninsulated structure and, as such is extremely expensive to heat during the cold New England winters.  

We have reduced the air leakage by sealing up gaps throughout the building with spray foam and caulking.  Other measures included installing sweeps under exterior doors, and repairing metal frames on operable windows so that they will close more tightly.  We have already had one blower door test to measure the quantity of air leakage and to identify any areas that were missed.

Since we could not insulate the building without destroying the architectural character of this historic structure, we have made this old church as air tight as we could, and then designed a new mechanical system to replace the old, inefficient oil-fired furnace with a new, gas-fired, more cost effective and efficient system.

Our investigation also revealed several other issues that must be addressed including structural repairs, management of moisture and water infiltration, electrical repairs, breaches in the buildings enclosure system (windows, doors, walls, roof), and repair & restoration of priceless stained glass windows.  This project is ongoing and plans are being discussed on prioritizing and proceeding with the resolution of these issues.