Falmouth Service Center

Falmouth, MA

After about a decade of community outreach, the Falmouth Service Center had outgrown its current facility.  After considering a new building or an addition, INTEGRATA determined that a reorganization of the current facility would solve the functional requirements of this growing organization.

The new design increases the food pantry area by 50% enabling volunteers to serve 1½ times as many clients while the clothing area is 40% larger.  The intake and storage area has doubled in size by creating a second floor within the warehouse space.  A fully equipped commercial kitchen will enable increased production for the Meals on Wheels program and provide a space for nutrition classes.  A new meeting room and private offices have also been provided.

This renovation provides an opportunity to incorporate energy efficient measures. Among the planned energy efficiency improvements are:

  • sealing gaps in the building envelope where heated air can escape,
  • provide or increase current levels of insulation,
  • determine if repairs or replacement of the current mechanical system is warranted,
  • redesign the lighting system to be more energy efficient with LEDs, fluorescent and other low-energy consuming fixtures,
  • installation of a solar photovoltaic array to supplement the electrical needs of the facility.

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Completed images by © John Moore ARCPHOTO