In construction, the real danger for an owner arises most frequently after a negotiated contract has been executed.  To the unassuming owner, be it a sophisticated corporation, university or homeowner, the contractor appears to submit a fixed cost for a defined scope of work as set out in the drawings prepared by an architect.  Often, even the start and completion dates are clearly established.  After the deal is signed and work has begun, the contractor has tremendous power over the owner.  This power is monopolist in nature, as it would be highly costly, in time and money to the owner, to fire the current contractor and seek new bids with no guarantee that the new experience would be better than the previous one.  With this kind of market asymmetry in place, a seemingly fixed price contract at the outset of a project can quickly become a mutable one by the end of the project.

To address this increasing need for qualified professionals whose singular charge is to safeguard the owner’s interests, INTEGRATA offers Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) services for projects in which we are neither the architect nor the contractor.

The OPM is an independent set of eyes to watch over the architect, guide the building committee and oversee the contractor’s work.  The OPM is an expert in reviewing plans, providing an independent cost estimate, working with the building committee to keep the architect on track, suggesting (less costly) alternatives, understanding public construction, materials and timelines.  The OPM knows that time is money and court is the worst alternative to resolving disputes.*

Because the OPM is responsible directly to the owner and is not contractually bound to the architect, contractor or any other stakeholder, the OPM is able to weigh all recommendations, conduct fact finding, coordinate and listen to various solutions and provide independent opinions and recommendations to the owner.  This role of independent advisor is not intended to diminish or assume the contractual responsibilities of any of the project stakeholders but to provide the best, most complete information possible for the decision making by the owner.*

INTEGRATA’S skilled and experienced Design and Construction professionals will provide daily interaction with the design, construction, inspection, jurisdictional and all other project team members to meet the Owner’s project goals and expectations.

As a result of our regional commercial and high-end residential experience we are well prepared to provide guidance and oversight to the Owner from initial project stages of Program Development and Schematic Design through the Contract Documents development stage, Contract Bid, Contract Award, Construction Administration, Commissioning, project close-out, and turnover to owner.