Property Planning:
Site-Specific Design

Site Evaluation & Master Planning

Prior to purchasing or developing a piece of property, it is important to know what the limitations and the opportunities may be:

  • Are all the necessary utilities readily accessible? 
  • Is the land in a flood plain requiring an elevated first floor? 
  • Are there conservation restrictions? 
  • How will the topography affect the building design? 
  • Can the structure be oriented to take advantage of passive solar gains? 
  • Are there shade trees on site that can block solar heat gain in the summer? 
  • Is the site easily accessible to large construction vehicles and equipment or will alternative methods of building need to be considered?

These are just a sampling of the many questions that we might address during an evaluation of a site that you may be considering for development. With complex lots and acreage, Property Planning often comes before Architectural Design and is critical in maximizing the land’s potential and the value of your investment.

Feasibility Studies / Code & Zoning Analysis

Often, an existing building is being considered for purchase or renovation. Before committing to a project, it is important to become aware of the condition of the building and its many systems (i.e., mechanical, structural, electrical, enclosure, etc.), even a brief look by a qualified professional may determine whether performance or safety issues are present. If additions or renovations are planned, we can help you determine practical and cost effective solutions that are in conformance with building and zoning code requirements. There are often unique and specific criteria that will influence a building design including:

  • Topography 
  • Zoning regulations
  • Wind speed 
  • Proximity to the coastline 
  • Flood plain considerations 
  • Historic precedent

In some cases we find it beneficial to include the expertise of other professionals such as civil engineers and attorneys specializing in land use and development.

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