Renovation: Architectural Design
Shiverick Road: Dennis, MA

Updating & Expanding a Cape Cod Summer Home

This tired 1950’s Cape style home located in Dennis, MA was in need of a major renovation but the homeowners were looking for much more. The house had served the current owners well for years, however as the next generation planned to occupy it, a more open floor plan with additional gathering spaces and a master suite was needed.

As is frequently the case, the client’s wish list was longer than their budget could stretch, but over the course of several conversations between architect, contractor and client, the “needs” and the “wants” were filtered and prioritized. A larger, more open kitchen was quickly deemed a priority. Also high on the list were a master bedroom suite, a clearly defined front entry to greet guests, a family room, a mudroom, a second floor bathroom, and outdoor entertainment and living spaces. 

Due to the changes in the building codes over the years, the idea of building a simple cottage on Cape Cod is a thing of the past. Increased structural and energy code requirements can quickly turn a seemingly simple project into a surprisingly costly endeavor. It can be an eye-opener to many homeowners, who simply want more space and suddenly learn how much time, effort and money must go into the shell of a house, regardless of whether it is new construction, or an addition or renovation to an existing home. Additionally, the property was located in the Old King’s Highway Regional Historic District, which required a separate approval prior to receiving a building permit from the Town of Dennis.

The project includes a fully renovated existing home plus just over 1,000 square feet of new space with custom cabinetry, hardwood floors, all new doors and windows along with properly insulated and air sealed walls, floors and roofs. The owners also benefit from a new and more energy efficient HVAC system and water-saving plumbing fixtures. The feedback from the clients, builder and neighbors has been very positive.


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