Commercial Renovation/Restoration: Architectural Design
WCAI Radio Station: Woods Hole, MA

Rehabilitating + Repurposing an Existing Space

Featured in the July 2013 edition of the Journal of Light Construction, this project demonstrated how architectural rehabilitation and sustainable, energy efficient construction share common goals as opposed to being mutually exclusive.

Historic preservation and energy conservation activists often find themselves in conflict when it comes to renovation issues. On one side are purists who believe that altering any part of an historic building is sacrilegious; on the other, energy conservationists who believe that reducing energy use should take precedence over all else. However, as the designers of this project, we were able to find common ground between the two camps – the desire to extend the useful life of existing buildings for as long as possible – and that became our starting point.

We worked with the new owners to rehabilitate the exterior of the building to return it to its original glory and highlight the architectural details and profiles that once adorned this vernacular version of the New England Greek Revival building while increasing its energy efficiency through carefully detailed insulation systems, air sealing and high efficiency equipment design and installation.

This project was also the recipient of the 2012 Energy Superstar Award awarded by the Town of Falmouth Energy Committee. WGBH affiliate station WCAI featured a radio interview with INTEGRATA’s Principal Andrew Borgese to discuss the features and benefits of the design and construction project. 

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