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Focused on Energy

At INTEGRATA architecture + construction, our mission is to improve the quality of life through the creation of building designs that address health, comfort and energy efficiency in ways that are responsive to our clients’ needs and desires while reducing financial and environmental burdens typically associated with construction, maintenance and operation. Our ability to reduce energy consumption and manage energy use responsibly and efficiently in new and existing buildings directly and positively impacts our well being, our environment and our future.

As land and resources become more valuable, we naturally want to consider designing structures that are sustainable and efficient. The value we incorporate into every home and commercial building we design is based on performance in three specific areas:

  • The enhancement and preservation of the health, safety and comfort of building occupants achievable in part through improved indoor air quality and ventilation, and an increased ability to control temperature, humidity and lighting conditions.
  • The immediate reduction in the carbon footprint of the buildings we create and occupy. Current methods of building operation, design and construction that are based on the minimum building code standards and which contribute to 71% of the country’s total electrical use, 48% of the country’s overall energy use and 39% of CO2 emissions will be mitigated and eventually outlawed and eliminated.
  • Reduced energy requirements resulting from better design and construction, which leads to less energy consumption, and lower operating costs for building owners. Our first step is always to reduce energy loads as much as is practical. Our next step is to create a synergy between all the building systems so that the energy that is being consumed is utilized in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the understanding that buildings are comprised of a network of separate but interdependent systems which must be considered collectively in order to result in a high performance building. This necessary integration of all the building’s systems starts at the beginning of the design stage and continues seamlessly into the construction phase ensuring that every worker and trade involved in the project understands the reasoning behind their particular task and how their work and the work of others is connected. It is this "team approach" that enables a project to be completed efficiently, properly and cost effectively.

More than ever before, we are forced to deal with poor indoor air and environmental quality, highly inefficient buildings that are costly to maintain and operate, and global environmental changes which are being perpetuated daily by our current methods of construction. Yesterday’s solutions cannot effectively solve today's problems. We offer new solutions that quite literally combine centuries old wisdom with state of the art technologies.

While every market sector becomes flooded with products and services claiming to be “green,” we continue to educate our community about energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability through our articles, free newsletters, and published projects. We stand behind our words and guarantee results you can see and measure – every time.

Our Name

Derived from a combination of the Latin roots of the words integrate and integrity, our company name, INTEGRATA represents our design philosophy which consists of the forming, coordinating, and blending of parts into a functioning, unified whole while maintaining a firm adherence to a code of especially moral and artistic values. Our name serves as a constant reminder of our mission and the goals we continually strive to achieve with every new and unique project.





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