Addition: Architectural Design
Stoney Beach: Woods Hole, MA

Respecting the Architecture of the Existing Structure

Working closely with the Conservation Commission and the Zoning Board was a key factor in the design of this project, which is just steps away from the beach. The flood plain elevations dictated that the first floor of this addition be more than half a story higher than the existing cottage so it was important that the design take into account overall building heights as well as the scale and proportion of individual architectural elements.

Respecting the architecture of the existing structure, we replicated the exposed rafter details on the new construction and matched roof pitches for the dominant rooflines. Window sizes and trim details were kept simple and consistent with the existing home. The small six-sided tower element that anchors the corner of the new apartment is reflective of an architectural feature seen throughout this small village and provides comfortable, cozy and intimate interior spaces on both levels with panoramic views of the waters of Woods Hole.


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